Why etiquette in real estate is still necessary

“Do you want a bidding war?  I’ll give you a bidding war!” exclaims an abrasive Buyer at a recent Open House where two buyers and two Realtors were present; sadly this is not the scene of a mind-melting reality TV show, rather this can be the climate in certain competitive price ranges now that the real estate market is cooking again and Buyers and Sellers, and perhaps even Real Estate Agents might do well to take etiquette classes offered by someone who appreciates functioning in polite society.

Let’s begin:  Sellers be ready and reasonable.  Buyers – be prepared and take time to learn the market so you don’t make impulse buying mistakes that lead to Buyer’s Remorse or worse, ping-ponging houses off then back onto the market because something else comes along.   And Realtors:  we ascribe to The Code of Ethics, and at JACE Real Estate professionalism and kindness win.

For Sellers being ready means clean closets, realistic pricing, easy access for showing, cleanliness is next to sell-i-ness, and we mean it when we say “If we can smell it, we can’t sell it” so get rid of whatever smells (cigarettes, incense, pet odor, and general yuk) even when that means hiring professionals to expel the smell.

For Buyers being prepared is having your money in order, knowing your price point, taking your shoes off inside some houses, and keeping the showing appointments you make to preview real estate.

If you are obtaining financing make sure you have a trusted lender who wants you to win (we can give you great suggestions!).  A lender who cares about your house purchase closing escrow on time is necessary.  If you are paying cash make sure it is non-contingent and easily accessible, and keep your ego in check because while cash may be queen in real estate, the Seller makes the final decision about whom buys their house and sometimes chooses another buyer, perhaps a Veteran obtaining a VA Loan speaks closely to their heart.

As for the dear Realtors involved, what I like to tell Buyers and Sellers is to choose wisely.  We are not all created equally in communication, tact, technology, and professionalism – there is definitely a sliding scale on more than just the sales commission!

Most of all:  be kind, learn the real estate market by looking and listening, and if you need to shout at another Buyer or incite bidding wars please go to another County…or State.

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